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Get to know some of the characteristics of our manufacture that guarantee the quality of our products.


Padovani mouthpieces are exclusive and always offer the musician something new. The cup shapes, the angle combinations of the sections, the type of rim and even the external design is unique. Each model exists from an exclusive design that was developed through much study and often with the mentorship of expert musicians. So whenever you play with a new Padovani mouthpiece you will probably find something new in your sound as well.



Our measurements control is made piece by piece, that is, we do not control by "batch" of pieces. And this is only possible because we use serial numbers. So each piece is checked at the time of machining and until the final surface finishing process. This is the process we adopt to minimize any possibility of making mouthpieces with questionable measurements.


Our mouthpieces do not receive any "base" other than silver. We want to reassure our customers as to what material they are putting in contact with their lips. The health and well-being of our customers is a fundamental condition for our work.

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The application of our silver plating is with digital layer control. Each nozzle is weighed before entering the electroplating process and from this information a digital processor calculates the amount of silver to be applied as pre-defined in the project. All this is calculated in accordance with previous measurements, machining and polishing so that at the end of the process the measurement of each nozzle is in accordance with what was foreseen in the design.



Resonators add versatility to Padovani mouthpieces. By changing the mass "weight" on the mouthpiece, one can clearly notice the change in projection and consequently in timbre. Without the resonator the sound will always be more open and in all directions. With the resonator the sound will be more focused and directed towards the bell. And when playing softly with a resonator the tendency will be to get a darker sound. The resonators are available in 10 beautiful finishes.

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